Thursday, May 19, 2011


What do you think of the indie style? Kind of a modern day hipster, but with a type of non conformity and carelessness. It's like grudge got cleaned up. It's so recognizable, and always fresh.Am I right? What is your take on this look?


  1. haha xD I don't like the thought of being labeled but if I were to be, I would probably be an indie type of boheme hipster ^^ I don't really know... I just love big sweaters, loose tops, earpiercings, pale skin, sunday-messy hair, shorts, leggings and colourful nailpolish - or black!

    I mostly wear grey or black...

    what does all of this make me then? :D

  2. hmm probably your own version of the indie style. sounds like you just like to express your mood and comfort through your clothing. I LOVE loose tops and messy hair! It's a great style to have I would say! :)